Trilemma [trī•LEM•mə, noun] A difficult choice between three [unfavorable] options. In Christian apologetics, it almost always refers to C.S. Lewis’s three options as to who Christ Jesus is (as later articulated by Josh McDowell): “Liar, lunatic, or Lord.”

Years ago I made the mistake of trying to edit a Wikipedia article on C.S. Lewis. Trust me, you don’t want to do that. Certain Protestants consider Lewis as sacred as Mary is to Roman Catholics, and a few of them have taken possession of that particular page. Change anything, and they’ll quickly change it right back. Anyhow, the bit I wanted to tweak was on the trilemma, which has its own page now. Those who occupy the Lewis page are adamant the trilemma stay in there.

Trilemma is not Lewis’s word. It’s Josh McDowell’s. Lewis knew better than to coin such a word. But if you’re a fan of Christian apologetics, and C.S. Lewis, the trilemma is likely one of your favorites among his writings.

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