Summer updates

Hello my lovely blogging friends... how is everyone?  I have been extremely busy working and trying to find time to create more and more teacher products... I also have something very exciting to tell each of you! 
I am moving to KINDERGARTEN! I am very, very excited... this consists of me moving schools and teaching a whole new grade level.  I will be working again with my lovely friend, K-2 is Splendid! I am very excited and look forward to working and collaborating with all you fabulous Kindergarten Teachers out there... I have had the help of so many wonderful people, and I appreciate it SO much.

I do want to continue to make products for Grades K-6.. so you will still be seeing upper elementary products as well as primary ;] I am pretty adaptable to every grade level!! Check out my Third Grade Math and ELA Common Core "I Can" Statements and Standards... 317 pages!

I have been working basically 24-7 but I did find time to spend in my family's pool with Zoey :]
I have made a lot of new products to TPT and TN and I hope you can check them out! I don't know about you but I think about Back to School almost every day... and now that I know that I am teaching Kindergarten I am going crazy with ideas!!
 Here are some of my Kindergarten Products... Click on each picture to check them out :] And guess what...the best part is that TWO of them are FREE!!

 Speaking of freebies, I wanted to share a couple amazing freebies that I found that will help you for back to school! and organization!

1. Polka Dotted Labels from Miss Kindergarten [Adorable and editable!]

2, Blend and Digraph Chart from Kelli Bollman [Perfect to print in color and laminate for my kinders!]

3. Chevron Binder Covers from A Year of Firsts [Cute and editable!]

New Blog Design!!

As you can see, my blog has been COMPLETELY made over and I am in love with it.  Michelle (The 3AM Teacher) is an absolutely wonderful, talented lady and friend.  We all deserve to "treat" ourselves to what we do every day - teach, love, create, and blog.  Why not make YOUR blog your own personal space that you treasure!
 If you are looking to redesign your blog, touch it up, or completely reinvent the wheel, Michelle is so comfortable to work with, and just the most talented and artistic person.  Click HERE to see your own custom blog design options :]

Thank you so much for stopping by my new and beautiful blog... I can't wait to continue to share many great resources and ideas with you :] And don't forget to grab my button on the side bar of my blog (isn't she cute?!) Ahh I love it and I love Michelle... you will too!!

Favorite Pins Friday

It is so difficult for me to remember to blog on Fridays [because usually by then my mind is mush], but who doesn't love Doodle Bugs Five for Friday? Since Kacey is taking a well-deserved break for the month of July, the wonderful Cara from The First Grade Parade is taking over with a fun Pinterest linky called "Favorite Pins Friday."  I hope you enjoy and find some fun pins!

 My first TEACHING pin comes from the blog "Teach with Picture Books" and it's all about one of my favorite books, Enemy Pie and how to establish a classroom community at the start of school.  Love it !
Pinned Image 

Another teaching pin that I absolutely adore is also about Back to School... What the Teacher Wants has this adorable Owl Pack out for classroom decor that I want to save up and possibly get my room.. look how cute!! Rachelle literally has the best resources :]
What the Teacher Wants!: All Over Owls {Classroom Decor}  Great beginning of the year pack!! 

 Onto PRINTABLE pins.. I love this summer pin to give you ideas of what you should try and accomplish this summer - fun things include going to the beach, bowling, going to the library, and collecting tadpoles.  Fun ideas to do by yourself or with your kids :]
100 things to do this printable
Another printable pin that is FREE pin stripe paper in many different colors.. These come from Mel Stampz :] I love the color scheme below!

Pinned Image 

 I love clothes.. literally obsessed with fashion.  If I had more money I would be so fashionable.. but I can dream on Pinterest, right? Here are a few of my favorite outfits:

Blue is my favortie color, but there's just something so pretty about a bright (or light) blue... I have been on a tan kick lately, and I just think this outfit goes so pretty together!
Love this whole outfit, too cute! 
I love color, and this bright green dress would be very flattering for my short height, and average weight.  I love the poof in it and the green is fabulous!


And finally I bring to you one of my favorite designs... polka dots!! I feel like I can't have too many of them and this dress is just adorable and I recently bought one that looks exactly like it :]
Pinned Image 

I hope you enjoyed my pins... I am off to a wedding :] Please follow me on Pinterest!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Goin' on a Blog Hunt

Hello hello my lovely teacher friends :] how are you?  I am so happy to be joining Laura Candler from Corkboard Connections for her Goin' on a Blog Hunt linky.
As many of you know, Google Reader is no more, and I have found that the best new way to read and keep track of the blogs I follow is Blog Lovin'.  Blog Lovin' organizes my blogs in a great way so that I can scroll to read new posts and everything is right at my fingertips.  There are other ways to follow blogs, but Blog Lovin' is the best choice for me! :]
I hope you will stay in touch with me and follow me on BLOG LOVIN' :]

Fourth of July sale


I am linking up with Latoya from Flying into First Grade for my 4th of July sales :] I am actually having a sale July 3-5 aaand at my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store and my Teacher's Notebook store.  20% both :]

I have been staying up late nights for the past week and a half (I'm talking 1am to 3am)... and I have revamped almost all my products.. just wanted to share with you some of my favs!!

Teacher's Guide Unit went from 50 pages to 80 pages :] Perfect for new teachers to help them stay organized.  Click HERE for TPT and HERE for TN!

 My Summer Math Pack is perfect practice for students going into 4th grade to review with them and teach them Common Core concepts that will help get them ready for 4th grade! Click HERE for TPT and HERE for TN!

I fixed up my Colonial Life unit to a better font - so I hope you enjoy this new revision :] Click HERE for TPT and HERE for TN!

 My "pride and joy", my ELA 4th Grade Common Core Pack that I absolutely love.. contains posters, games, and worksheets to use with your 4th graders or review with your 5th graders.  Click HERE on TPT and click HERE on TN!

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