No news is good news ...

... at least when it's from Google.

Most of you remember the news ticker that appeared at the top of this page. While we here at man with black hat like to present a balance of views when it comes to such venues, much of the news about the Catholic Church was not only an endorsement of dissenting opinions, but were a means of attacking the Faith itself. Well, we're not in the business of attacking our Holy Mother Church, nor do we intend to enable those who do. When that ticker ticked us off for the last time, we gave it the old heave-ho!

At present, we are testing a ticker from Fox News (as in "Fair. Balanced.") but are having some code problems. Once those clowns at our Tech Support Division get through playing with the PS4 game console we got them for the break room, they'll get right on it, and you'll be the first to know.

Until then, stay tuned ... to everything else.