Jesus first talks of his second coming.

The first suggestion of a second coming—the idea Jesus isn’t gonna take possession of his Kingdom during his first coming—appears in the Olivet Discourse, the bit in Mark 13, Matthew 24-25, and Luke 21, where Jesus answers his students’ question about the End. In each gospel’s version of the Discourse, Jesus brought up the tribulation, his followers’ great and terrible time of suffering. Christians would be persecuted and killed; a horrible outrage would take place which his people need to flee from; and fake Messiahs and prophets will try to lead them astray.

Where’s Jesus during this time of tribulation? Apparently not here. None of his statements about what’s to come, are phrased to indicate he’s gonna be physically among his followers when the tribulation hits them. Or should I say us? Well, that depends on when and where the tribulation takes place.

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