Q. Was Jesus a Christian?

If you have questions, email me. I don’t have all the answers, but God does, and I can tell you what I think they are. Of course, all errors are mine.

Most of the time, Christians simply take it for granted Christ Jesus is a Christian. Although every once in a while, someone will say so… then notice how odd that sounds, and ask, “Wait. Is Jesus a Christian?” Well, Christian means a follower of Christ. And Christ doesn’t follow himself: He does as he does, and expects his disciples to follow him. So by definition, no, Jesus isn’t a Christian. He’s the Christ.

Where we start to go screwy is when we say, “Well, if Jesus’s religion wasn’t Christian, what religion does that make him? Er… well, I suppose Judaism.”

Incorrect. The religion Jesus practiced was the one he preached: Christianity.

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