Currently for July

I was very happy to see, that even though it is not July yet, I can link up with the wonderful Farley for her Currently :] Probably the most successful linky party that I am a part of each month.. I love to read about what's going on in all YOUR lives each month, so make sure you link up!
 I am very happy with Channing Tatum getting so famous.  Congrats to him and his beautiful wife Jenna on their baby girl. So I am a big fan of "She's the Man" and I am very happy to see it on TV!
I love weddings.. I wish I had more money to give, but I am so excited that I have a wedding July, August, and I am IN my very first wedding in September :] All very exciting and it gives me a chance to unwind and NOT do work like I do every day 12 months a year.
My "thinking" is the most important right now.  When am I going to start enjoying summer? I start summer school not this week, but the following and I will still have lots of tutoring, babysitting, and piano lessons.  But I WILL find time for myself this year... I have to.
My tip for teachers is when making teacher products, make products that YOU will use.  When you do this, you have a purpose for creating your products and you can use them for yourself, and help other teachers.. there is nothing better than that, and you won't be disappointed if it's not a "huge success" because you made it for YOU. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer.. let me know if you ever need anything ladies and gents!
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