My Teacher Always Says..

Hello again! Blogging two days in a row.. am I for real?! ;) Tomorrow is my last day of school... sadly [I know, I'm crazy.. but I don't want to leave my kiddos!] and I wanted to link up with the lovely Tammy from Forever in First.. she is having her first linky party ever - and a fun one it is!!
I actually had my 3rd and 4th graders help me with some of these... they were so funny about it :]
 You get what you get, and you don't make a fit.. do you know how many times I have said this? It started last year with some of the kids I looped up with.. they know that if you ask and ask and ask, you don't get! ;) They are so cute and use it all the time.  But this was a big one for me!
My kiddos know that if they do something wrong, that it is better to tell me and talk about it then to flat out lie about it.  They know they will get in more trouble if they lie about something, and that I want them to be as honest and fair and kind as possible.
 This is a funny one, but because I have older students that are so helpful, I always ask mail and messenger (among others) to go get papers from the printer for me :)
This one speaks for itself.. and goes along with "You are so cute" or things like that :)
 That's why I'm their favorite teacher ;) Just kidding, but in all seriousness... that's one of the most important things I wanted my kiddos to learn.  That I believe in them, and they need to believe in themselves.
 Another that also speaks for itself... I expect hard work in 3rd and 4th grade, and give it to them I will, but they know I challenge them because I love them!
Hehe, I say this a lot.. I try to stay away from the "Oh my God" (especially being in a Catholic school), so I have said this quite a bit..throughout life, and in my classroom....

Thank you so much for reading... I can't wait to read everyone's teacher sayings :] Have a great day!!