Kindergarten Classroom Organization

Sooo the school I work at is pretty small and all of the teachers know each other well.  I taught Grade 2/3 last year, and Grade 3/4 this year, so I am usually browsing through upper grade material... but my wonderful friends like Miss Kindergarten, Deanna Jump, Rachelle Smith, Jessica Stanford, and many many others have the cutest resources.  I visited a Kindergarten classroom and I had to take a few pictures because I really love the way it is organized..  And this was the perfect time to link up with Primary Possibilities for Wednesday Wisdom... with my favorite topic.. ORGANIZATION ;)

Below are some pictures from Sarah's classroom that I visited:
This is a picture of her CAFE Chart.. the animals are so cute!! I always think it is important to stay organized with reading, and I believe that the Daily 5 and CAFE program do just that.  I like these printables (I am sure she got them on Pinterest but I am not sure of the website!) and I like how they are labeled with C's, A's, F's, or E's so the children can identify where they belong on the chart.
 I love her Marble Jar that is so nicely labeled... what a wonderful way to organize and track classroom management.  It's also very cute!
 I love the setting of the tree and monkeys.. it's always good to organize your classroom with a theme (and hers is animals / monkeys in particular)
   My favorite part of her classroom is her reading area! I LOVE the way the books are organized and how all the bins matched... something I need to keep in mind for next year!! (even if I have to pay a little bit more for it)
Here is a picture of her word wall and where students meet together.
 And a picture of their book bins and math manipulatives. Very cute animals and organized nicely!
 Sarah's husband also made a dum dum tree.. it doesn't have anything to do with organizing in a classroom, I just thought it was adorable.  It organizes lollipops ;)

I hope you enjoy these adorable Kindergarten pictures!!

Before I go, I want to share with you some Organizational Freebies on TPT!!

1. Owl Themed Days of the Week Folder Printables from Teach 4 Real!

2. Book bin labels from Swimming into Second!
 3.  CAFE headers from Faith Wheeler!

Thank you so much for stopping by!! Make sure to link up with Primary Possibilities ;)