TPT purchases and Giveaway Winner

Phew.. what a wonderful TPT sale it was!!  : ) I want to thank each and every one of you for your purchases over the last two days... the sale was a success for me, in that it will allow me to purchase more for my classroom and pay more of my bills.  XOXO thank you all so much!
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I wanted to share with you the amazing resources I have found... since there are SO many wonderful teachers whose products I am SO excited to use, I am going to list each of their stores - they are ALL worthwhile checking out!!

(This includes the amazing Rachelle and Natalie's stores!)

The wonderful Donna's store!

 The 3am Teacher
One of the best people I have grown to know -Michelle the 3AM Teacher's store!

The talented, generous Jennifer!

 Lovely Hadar's store!

The sweetest lady I know - Lisa!

Sweet Reagan!

Erica's Ed-ventures
The talented and cute Erica's store!

My wonderful friend Katie's store!

The "graceful" Jennifer :)

Good Enough Teacher
The "Great Enough" Teacher Krystal!

My hard working lovely Susanna's store!

Miss Teacher Resources 101 
The terrific Miss Brittney

The LibraryFox
My sweet, creative friend Crystal!

A helpful Kindergarten teacher - Tiffani :)

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs
The sweet and adorable Beth's store :)

 The Moffatt Girls
 The amazing Annie's store!

My newest love who's been so helpful - Cindy :)

  Kreative in Kinder
A very talented Kinder teacher, Krystal!

And last but CERTAINLY not even close to least (more like closer to first ;) ) a woman who needs no introduction, the beautiful Deanna Jump :)

There are so many other sellers that I adore and appreciate.... thank you all - I am SO blessed!!  Feel free to share your TPT purchases/best sellers with me : )

Also... Giveaway winner time! Check out below if you are the winner of the Dollar General Giveaway :) Your goodies will be arriving to my house this week and I will ship them to you very shortly.  Thank you to everyone who participated!!

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