August Currently

Wow... August already? [makes a face] I love Farley's Currently every month, but I just cannot wrap my head around that it's August already... where did summer go? Oh well, I will be excited to meet my kiddos! I know many of you are already back to school [which is foreign to me because of the New York way.] I end school right at the end of June, and then start back up at the beginning of September.  And those of you that go to school year round, I hear great things too! 
I definitely am loving that I am teaching Kinder next year.. a new environment, enthusiasm and appreciation for learning, no state tests (yahoo!) and creating a million lessons and printables 24-7 like I did to meet the needs of my older kiddos.  

I need a new car... mine is slowly going out the door and I cannot continuously put money into it when it's junk anyways.  Here's to my search and a new car payment!

Back to School Must Haves

1. Teacher planner/binder
There are so many amazing products on TPT/TN right now that can help you with your organization and keeping your files together.  This is KEY to helping you stay sane during the year, and some of them are just so cute!!
I have created a Teacher Guide Unit which has many, many printables to put in a binder to keep for child information, schedules, grades, and so much more! 

2. Book Bins
I am so excited to purchase matching ones this year.. I like to stay organized but have never been able to have nice matching book bins.  I will be looking at Target and Really Good Stuff for these :] Who doesn't love Target? My boyfriend knows how dangerous I am when we hit up the Dollar Spot!
 I found this thread that actually compares Really Good Stuff with Target Book Bins... Check it out!

3. Crayola Crayons
I can't handle the "cheap" crayons... I always love a good sale and bargain, but no other crayon company can replace crayola ;] My favorite!

Guess what...
I have reached 1,000+ followers on Facebook!! I am ecstatic! I can't thank you all enough... once I get a free minute this weekend, I will be posting a very special "Back to School" Giveaway :]